Hero Booth: Elise Joy

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Hero Booths is a series featuring booths we love and artists who have done something great with their craft show getup.

Elise Blaha wrote ¬†a fantastic blog post about her show set up at last year’s Queen Bee Market.

In her post she talks about some of the things she liked and disliked about her display. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the things we love about it.


This booth grabs you from a mile away. There is no way a booth this bright and bold wouldn’t catch your eye. Her 11×14 rolled posters are grouped by color, making it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for without digging around.


Pennant banners are really popular lately, and this one is really well executed. It’s easy to read and super cute.


Thanks to the card display to the right of the table and the standing display at the back, she’s got more than four feet of vertical space to work with. No only does it give her more room for products, but it makes it easy to see her wares from across the room.


The flower garlands do a great job bringing life to the booth without getting in the way.

Dual-duty displays

Many of her fabric-covered displays double as  storage boxes, making transportation, set up, and tear down that much easier.

Do check out her original post, it’s a great chance to peek behind the scenes of her booth. While you’re at it, I suggest checking out the rest of her blog. Maybe set a few hours aside, there’s a ton to see and read!

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